the molly and mia foundation was formed when sadly molly and mia were born on 25th nov 2009 and sadly died at birth.  molly was still born and mia lived for 17 minutes but sadly slipped away.  Together family, friends and the local community and come together to form the molly and mia foundation.  We work endlessly together fundraising by steak bbqs, family bbqs, ladies nights, and participating in the belfast marathon…Initally our aims were quite simple
* provide v small premature baby clothes
* provide moses baskets and stands to craigavon area hospital
* provide 20 memory boxes for craigavon area hospital to craigavon area hospital
* to start a summer scheme for children aged 4 years to 14 years in our local community.
by molly and mias 2nd anniversay we had excelled our own expectations we
* provided v small baby clothes to several hospitals
* provided moses baskets to several hospitals
* provided memory boxes to all the maternity hospitals in northern ireland
* started a 2 week summer scheme which progressed to a halloween  and easter scheme also.
* launched our elf recruitment day (you have flier) this years date 24th nov
* launched cooking and bakery classes
* launched our ladies night this years date friday 30th nov
*launched our amazing christmas event this years date sunday 9th december
now as we approach molly and mia’s 3rd anniversary we hav all these set up as annual events and new for 2013
working with families who have lost babies in pregnancy or infant death.
the molly and mia foundation are launching pamper theraputic days for mums who have sadly lost a baby in pregnancy or infant death.
for mums life is so busy often they dont have time for me time and time to have a clear head to think of the baby they lost. mums are constantly busy juggling housework, jobs and quite often other children.  This day retreat will give them time to chill , enjoy a pamper and talk to other mothers who have lost a baby/babies.
also we are running family days…. the whole family will arrive and join together for some outdoor fun, have lunch and then a balloon release for the children to rlease in memory of the brother or sister they lost.
if you are a family who have lost a baby and would like to take part in our activities please contact us on diannamcd@hotmail.com.