Memory Boxes

These beautiful Memory Boxes are designed to ensure that the precious moments each parent has with their child are remembered and kept precious forever. We aim to distribute 200 of these exquisite memory boxes to hospitals across Northern Ireland, one for each parent who loses a child at birth.

Our precious memory boxes include:

  • Two Teddies: One for the family to take home and the other to stay with their baby.
  • A Camera: Although parents can feel unsure about taking photos at such a distressing time, many families have told us how much comfort they can bring in years to come.
  • A hand knitted blanket: This can be used to wrap their baby in, or to lay over them. Parents might choose for their baby to be buried or cremated with it or may choose to keep it. These blankets are provided free and are knitted by volunteers around Northern Ireland. Knitters Urgently Needed!
  • Always Loved Never Forgotten Card: This handmade card can be kept as an acknowledgement to their baby or they might choose to write a message which goes with their baby.
  • Always Loved Never Forgotten Box: This small box can be used for a lock of hair or the identification bracelet.
  • Butterfly Poem Card: Featuring a short poem on one side and the Sands helpline number is on the reverse. Its size means it is ideal for carrying in a wallet or purse.
  • Support for You Leaflet – The support and services offered by Sands are outlined in this leaflet.
  • About the Precious Memory Box Leaflet: This is aimed at parents and gives a brief outline to the contents and choices they have.

Each memory box costs £15 to purchase, if you would like to help us in our memory box appeal please see our donations page. in our memory box appeal please see our donations page.